Fury vs Wilder 2 preview

Heavyweight boxing has been on the decline, that is obvious even to the casual boxing. Once upon a time there were many elite contenders George foreman, Ali, Tyson, Lewis and many more there are just too many to be named fast forwarding now we have very few elite heavyweight boxers. The three best fighters of the heavyweight division are Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder and the Gypsy King.

The first fight was dominated by Tyson fury the boxing smarts outclassed the knockout artist however the raw power of Wilder did do some damage to the king of the heavyweight division the man who dethroned the legend wladimir klitschko.

Despite the result, Fury deserved to win the first fight it was another shocker by the judges but true boxing fans know that Fury was the rightful victor another Vegas robbery lets be blunt a judge who awarded the fight a draw based on knockdown should not be judging a professional boxing fight as he has no concept of boxing.

The second fight is even more exciting as both opponents know that they can dethrone the other, Furys boxing skills vs Wilder’s raw power the boxer is the favourite however with a K.O percentage of 95 percent one must wonder if Wilder can do the unthinkable and knock the Gypsy king out.

Fury has to box going toe to toe with Wilder is disastrous. Fury is known for his boxing skills not his knockout power however one punch from Wilder is enough to hurt anyone so fury has to be slick like he was in the first fight. It will be a memorable clash and will put heavyweight boxing in the limelight like it once was.

Fury is making a mistake going up in weight in my opinion and my prediction is that wilder will K.O fury in the seventh round